Page 3: What’s your favorite scary movie?

Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

Plot: Alice believes she lives in a perfect world. She shops, cleans, gossips with the girls at the pool, and cooks. Every day the wives that live in Victory continue a stress free life as their husbands go to work on what’s called the victory project. When a song catches her attention, she gets curious about the perfect life she lives. Suddenly it doesn’t make sense as to why and how they are living in Victory. 

What I liked: The visuals and sets this movie had were amazing, which created a believable world. The soundtrack was a great list of familiar songs that sounded familiar, even if you didn’t know the song.This movie also successfully gave me the ick for Harry Styles for the first time. 

What I didn’t like: Plot after plot was opened and at the end of the movie only a handful were answered. What was up with the shaking? How did Alice escape the chains when she woke up? What happened the first time Alice touched HQ? Why did Gemma Chan’s character stab Chris Pine’s?

Reviewer: Reese Cowden, never ever watches scary movies, absolutely hates blood.

Happy Halloween Scooby-Doo! (2020)

Plot: “Happy Halloween, Scooby-Doo!” sets the stage on Halloween night, with throwbacks to old Scooby movies and episodes. There’s a twist this time, however, with the gang joining forces with Bill Nye and Elvira to defeat an army of pumpkins turned into monsters from a toxic ooze. 

What I like: The throwbacks to the old Scooby gang was a really nice touch, like with Fred’s love of traps and Shaggy’s interactions with Scooby. The overall plot was fine, and was better than some other Scooby movies. 

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like Bill Nye’s inclusion to be completely honest. It felt forced and it didn’t have the spark that most movies or episodes do. Too many jumpscares

Reviewer: Nik Shay; Was and currently is scared of Scooby-doo, but no other horror movie.

House (1977)

Plot: Schoolgirl Gorgeous, along with her friends, travel to the remote countryside to visit her estranged aunt. However, upon arrival, they all experience weird phenomena which slowly turn more and more violent.

What I liked: The visuals are a breath of fresh air from the average ’70s dark horror movie, with the movie being well-lit and having amazing cinematography throughout the whole film. The film also has an amazing story, which balances comedic and more serious tones well. The low budget and use of mostly amateur actors also creates an intentionally cheesy feel, which works surprisingly well.

What I didn’t like: Despite this film being under the horror category, it’s no surprise the main goal was not to scare the audience. Although I feel this does not matter in the slightest, it’s easy to see how some people may not like this movie because of that reason.

Reviewer: Luis Lozano, loves to watch foreign films.

NOPE ( 2022)

Plot: “Nope” is about siblings who own a ranch in California and discover something mysterious in the sky. The owner of the theme park right next to them tries to make a profit out of the phenomenon. Chaos ensues.

What I Liked: “Nope” is mysterious, disturbing and enjoyable all at the same time. The movie doesn’t have that many jumpscares — and doesn’t have cheesy jumpscares, either — but it has plenty of disturbing scenes that make me say nope. I recommend watching this movie at least once. Good movie.

What I didn’t like: The movie can be a bit confusing on your first time watching it, but all start to make sense afterwards.

Reviewer: Anthony Loera. Doesn’t get scared much.

Midsommar (2019)

Plot: Dani travels with her toxic boyfriend and his friends to a summer festival in Sweden where they are met with hospitality that soon turns into an eerie, mind-bending experience. 

What I liked: This movie does an amazing job of simply confusing the viewer. While you think you would be able to guess what happens next, you are always going to be wrong. The unpredictability makes it the perfect psychological thriller. 

What I didn’t like:. Overall it’s great, but the only thing negative about it is you have to watch it a few times to really understand, but still this movie is still amazing

Reviewer: Chrissy Schroeder, scared of manipulation

X (2022)

Plot: “X” takes the classic slasher plot and modernizes it. With some references to other movies a lot such as Texas Chainsaw massacre, and Halloween

What I like: This movie has amazing writing and shows that the characters aren’t just in the movie to get killed. Director Ti West is creative, and it shows in the movie – many of the kills in it are foreshadowed in clever ways.

What I didn’t like: Some of the scenes were awkward and I wanted to stop watching. Maybe that was the point of those scenes? But it doesn’t help the movie.

Reviewer: Larry Marczynski, gets scared by everything but still watches horror movies.