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Emma Kleinschmidt

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It’s sock season and, as it gets cooler outside, people are beginning to feed into the current sock trends of the season. Socks celebrating Halloween, Christmas and Easter are just a few of the more popular choices.

Right now you can probably find at least one person around you wearing socks with either pumpkins or spiders or even ghosts on them for Halloween.

Around Christmas time is when you’ll start to see reindeer and Christmas trees or presents and snowflakes on them being sold at stores. Although wearing holiday socks is really fun, there are now over a thousand different types of socks you can buy. Socks with famous art, presidents, celebrities, landmarks and statues are rising in popularity believe it or not.

If you didn’t buy a pair of socks there, did you even go?

Socks are just a fun, easy way for people to express their personalities because you can literally wear just about anything on a sock. You don’t even have to wear the socks with shoes either. Socks with crocs and socks with sandals are super trendy at the moment because of how comfortable they are. Another plus to wearing your socks with those kind of shoes is that everyone can see them and they aren’t covered up so you can show them off. Whether they’re short or long, thin or fuzzy, holiday or just plain crazy, everybody needs a couple pairs of fun socks.

If this is all new to you a good place to start is at Target where most people go to buy their Holiday socks, but the most recent way people have been getting them is off of Amazon or other online stores. If you are someone who worries about people having the same socks as you, this is a good way to find some that not many people will have. Socks are evolving and I hope one of the next steps will be websites to design your own socks.

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All about socks