Hilton: Spring break’s not really a break

Kaytlin Hilton, Panther's Tale designer

The words “spring break” are often followed with a sigh of relief or even an excited smile and a heel click.

For many, this is a time of relaxation, sunscreen and plane tickets.

However, for the average high school senior, spring break is more than just seven days of no school.

With the stress of physics problems, comp essays, financial aid applications, scholarships and work schedules looming over you, the words “spring break” are often followed with a heavy sigh or even a frown and a really long nap.

The most exciting part of my spring break was receiving my work schedule only to find out I worked Monday through Friday. You can imagine my excitement. These stressful shifts were then followed with a college visit on Saturday to begin the enrollment process.

Basically, this week consisted of no sun, no fun hats, no sunscreen, no adventure and sadly, no fun memories.

However, I will always remember the late nights of ACT prep in the break room at my job. Oh yeah, and who could forget how much they love their teachers for giving them hours of homework to fill up time during this much needed week of relaxation?

School rocks and I, as well as every other senior, love going to school every day and learning.

We can all agree on this one: get rid of all breaks!