Why does Derby football play playoff games?

Brett Jones

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Why does Derby football play playoff games?


The average margin of victory this year has been approximately all the points. Just all of them. Derby has outscored their playoff opponents 95-14 this year. Why do we even play the games if they’re going to be so lopsided?


I mean, set aside the fact that all of Derby’s playoff games (excluding the dreaded “Week 9”) last year were close and competitive with three of the four games being within in one possession. We don’t need facts for this argument.


Just put Derby in the title game. Every year. They’ve been to the last four out of five anyway.


Maybe Derby can get an automatic berth and all the Kansas City area schools can just have their own little mini-tournament. That way all the Eastern Kansas League supremacists will be satisfied. Yeah, that sounds fair.


And while we’re giving away automatic berths, let’s just go ahead and give the Derby girls basketball team the state championship. They don’t need to play. We all know.

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Why does Derby football play playoff games?