Film Review: Silence of the Lambs

Brett Jones, Video Editor

Silence of the Lambs feels like a classic. Cinematography and editing is smooth and effective. The writing and performances are brilliant.

I felt the use of close ups and smooth camera work added to the calculated, chilling feel of the film which related to the attitude of Hannibal or Buffalo Bill. The film as a whole felt grey and desaturated. Nothing stuck out to me in terms of editing except for its traditionality and smooth anonymity. The environments and locations played particularly well into the feeling of the film. The Appalachian south and northern Midwest feels large, empty, and cramped with the abundance of trees and rocky features. The practical props and design of the dead bodies was particularly effective.

I feel the performances of all the characters is what sold the movie. They don’t feel realistic but they are unique and even the attitude of the “good” characters was chilling and off-putting. All the performances as a whole were strange and uncomfortable. The main character’s placement in this cast of strange characters that are all seemingly preying on her adds to the uncomfortable nature of the film.

The film feels like a message on personal identity and how it can conflict with societal expectations, particularly in terms of gender