Mbezi: the right answer to drums vs. flats

Agness Mbezi

If you’re a true chicken eater, you eat it all. Thighs, drums, wings, boneless or bone-in– you name it. But if you have the option to only eat one type of chicken, and you don’t pick flats, please seek medical attention.

You can tell that flats, or wingettes, are the best by just looking at the texture. When you eat drums. You’re not getting that golden, crispy bite from your chicken. You’re not getting that even bite of juicy and flavorful skin with the tenderness of your meat. 

When you settle for drums, you are just going to find some thin pieces of meat with no skin and no texture. You’re missing that crunch that one longs for. 

On top of that, while eating drums, there’s this big bone that usually tends to be in the way of being able to enjoy your meal. Why would you waste time, trying to work around an object that you cannot even eat?

It’s much easier to just enjoy the flats. They’re just superior.