Summer, summer, summer, summer time … quotes

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By Alessandra Brasfield

Panther’s Tale


“I am excited to be able to have free time and hang out with friends,” Jason Tammany said.

“I’m so excited for summer. I’m going to New York and going to Niagara Falls with my family in June,” Savannah Hallock said.

“Very excited. All I have planned is wrestling practice and tournaments and hanging out with friends,” Taidon Wills said.

“I am super excited for summer. I am mainly going to be doing soccer and going to camps, also hanging with friends,” Jordan Crone said.


“During the summer I play a lot of basketball. I get to travel to some cool places this year, so I’m pretty excited,” Kennedy Brown said.

“I am so excited. I have a lot of football, hanging with friends and work planned,” Chase Newton said.

“I am super duper excited for summer. I’ve never had a school year go by so slow the last month of school. I have a lot of swimming and late night drives planned,” Savannah Denny said.

“I’m ecstatic. This summer has a lot in store. I will be working two jobs and I have three trips planned,” Crew Squires said.


“I am really excited. I hope that I just spend a lot of time with friends before they leave for college,” Ryan Moon said.

“I’m excited to know that my class is going to be incoming seniors, and for long summer days and late summer nights. I plan to hang out with friends, a lot of soccer and work!” Adrianna Gutierrez said.

“I’m super excited for summer because I get to play baseball with friends and hangout a lot,” Brett Westerman said.

“I am super excited. I have two exciting trips planned,” Lauren Martinez said.


“I’m extremely excited to just relax and spend time with friends and family,” Garrett Schaar said.

“I am very excited for summer. I plan on working a lot and spending as much time as possible with my friends before they leave for college,” Savannah James said.

“I am running cross country and track at Friends University so my summer is going to be a lot of running, saving money for college and I want to go to Worlds of Fun. I haven’t been since eighth grade!” Michaela Gerhard said. “Finishing off senior year and realizing when I get to summer that I don’t have any school left, it’s going to be so great and I am really excited to just focus on me and just relaxing and having a good time.”

“I’m really excited for this summer because I have a full-time job so I will have lots of money, and I get to go to Jamaica. I’m mostly excited about trips with my friends though,” Spencer Olmstead said.

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Summer, summer, summer, summer time … quotes