School’s out but work continues for athletes

Cooper Chadwick

Ending out the school year many sports already had meetings to discuss summer workout times and places.

And for multi-sport athletes, they can plan on a June packed full June of these workouts. They’ll go back and forth to different sports.

Sophomore Brock Zerger plays basketball and football for the Panthers, as well as club basketball in the summer. He will go up to the school twice, then to another gym twice a week for club basketball practices

“The club basketball practices can be tough since I am tired at the end of the day,” Zerger said.

Zerger also says that he doesn’t even have the weekends off due to having at least four-game tournaments each weekend with his club basketball team.

“Once you get into a routine, you kind of get used to everything,” Zerger said. 

Having to practice for multiple sports is difficult, but as Zerger said, it’s easy to get into a flow.