Homecoming Spirit Week: Get ready to party


Lauren Miller

It’s about that time again. In anticipation of the Homecoming dance on Sept. 18, Derby High School is having its traditional Homecoming Spirit Week.

Monday, Sept. 13  –  Once the crisp fall weather passes, the frigid winter air will be biting our noses, so go ahead and join in on this Winter White Out. Wear your cleanest, bright whites.

Tuesday, Sept. 14  –  Tie-dye is totally tubular, so rock your colorful dyed shirts for Tie Dye Tuesday.

Wednesday, Sept. 15  –  Wednesday is hump day? Well, not today. Fling on those leis and flower shirts and say, “Aloha” because it’s Hawaiian Day here at Derby High.

Thursday, Sept. 16  –  Did someone say ‘Fall’? Autumn will be upon us soon, so throw on those sweaters and flannels.

Friday, Sept. 17  –  Y’know what they say, “Green is Magic!” So stack on all the green you can to show your Derby pride.