Waughtal: Centrists… you aren’t any better

Haley Waughtal

Just because you say you stay out of politics, doesn’t mean you can regress and choose not to grow with society. 


Now let me be clear, the basic fact that you stay out of politics does not upset me. It is however different when you use it as an excuse to stay in a racist, homophobic and misogynistic mindset. 


Every person I have ever heard use the phrase ‘politics are stupid’ has always been upset over how crazy the so-called alt left is. They say they aren’t conservative just don’t like liberals. Then they go on to watch videos on the internet that talk about the consequences of feminism. 

I am tired of it. If you want to stay out of politics by all means do your thing. But if you are going to sit around and act like you are staying out of politics while using slurs, you are ignorant.


I wish I had the privilege of being ignorant to the world around me. I want to not know about any of it because then life would be so much easier. 


Thomas Gray said “Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power.” 


These words are more than accurate with our society today. Being ignorant to the horrible things our government and society is doing is more than amazing but knowing what is going on can help the efforts to stop these things from happening. 


It is important to acknowledge our problems so we can grow. Just as if you were to grow as a person, we as a society need to look at ourselves to grow. If we all acknowledge our problems we can create change.