Haunted Houses Story (By Laurisa Rooney)

     Halloween is known for a lot of things, Jack O’ Lanterns, candy, ghosts, and haunted houses. 

     Haunted houses are a big part of Halloween, are they frightfully fun or just plain frightful, unafrian, or scary?

     Haunted houses have been around for years, and people either have good things to say about them, or bad things. 

      “ I just went to Field of Scream 2 weeks ago with a group of friends. I really enjoyed it, it was obviously really scary, I got scared a lot because I got chased by a guy with a chainsaw 4 times. My favorite part of it was running from the people with chainsaws, and the scariest part was when they would jump out of the corners and scare you,” sophomore Madisyn Marnach said. 

      Though some people might find the spookiness fun and thrilling, some might think differently. 

      “I have not been to a haunted house, but I don’t like things jumping out at me, scary things, blood, gore, just medical things just in general I’m good without,” sophomore Kayeli Sparks said.