Pat Paske: ‘one of the kindest people I’ve met’

Vy Nguyen

Pat Paske, a dedicated science teacher at Derby High School, never missed an opportunity to greet students and teachers who passed by his room. 

“Every time you walked by his class, he would always say ‘hi’ and ask how I am,” sophomore Reagan Olmstead said. 

Mr. Paske died Dec. 7, but his impact on DHS is everlasting. 

With an easygoing grin, he dedicated his time to truly knowing students both in and out of the classroom. Especially with sports. 

Basketball, football, track and field, you name it. From serving as the head boys basketball coach at seven schools for 23 seasons to firing the starter’s pistol at track meets, Mr. Paske carried a deep appreciation for all things sports — a love that appeared every time he enthusiastically waved people over to talk about the latest game or meet.

“After I run a (cross country or track) race, I would come and see him,” senior Vivian Kalb said. “We would talk about my race, and he would always say how proud he was of me, which meant so much…He was one of the kindest people I’ve met.”

Whether it’s catching up over sports or teaching science classes, Mr. Paske truly cared about the lives of everyone that he crossed paths with. 

As DHS grieves the loss of Mr. Paske, who dedicated 48 years to education, social workers are available on-site to support students at this time.