Turning Red receives positive reviews

Kaidence Williams

Pixar’s Turning Red, released on March 11, has been well received by many and praised for its Asian representation, as well as its accurate portrayal of how teenage girls think and behave.

 “I liked the movie and I thought it was an accurate portrayal of how teenage girls act. Like I was watching it and I was like, “Wow, Mei is me,” and I just really liked it,” sophomore Savannah Barker said. 

 The movie has sparked criticism from parents over mentions of periods — though the word period is never actually said — the boy craziness of the main character Mei and her friends, drawings Mei created of herself and a boy kissing, and the overall theme of puberty and growing up. 

 However, the reception for Turning Red has been overwhelmingly positive and reviews continue to praise Pixar for tackling the intricacies of growing up. It has made impressions on people who haven’t even watched the movie yet. 

“I’ve heard that the movie is good, and it has lots of good reviews, so I really would want to watch it,” sophomore Brooke Shipley said.