How to find your Spooky Socks

Kendal Meyer

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October is a time for fall clothes, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween and ,most importantly, spooky socks. Here are a few reasons you need to get yourself a pair of spooky socks.

  1. They are super stylish
  2. You don’t need to think about what socks to wear, they go with everything
  3. They only cost $1 at Target, and everyone loves Target
  4. How are you supposed to participate in spooky sock Tuesday if you don’t have any spooky socks?
  5. They will get you into the Halloween spirit
  6. They come in many patterns, so you have your pick of design

Need to get a pair of spooky socks? You can get them at Target, Dollar Tree and Marshalls for $1, but can also be found at many other stores.

So many reasons to get spooky socks, so the real question is, why wouldn’t you get them?


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How to find your Spooky Socks