Football rolls in home opening win over Newton

Blake Chadwick

September 20, 2019

The Derby Panthers kicked off their home schedule Friday in impressive fashion, beating Newton 63-7 to improve to 3-0. The game’s first touchdown, a 70-yard score by junior Lem Wash, came on the opening kickoff. There was a ...

Students show support for DHS math teacher

Katelin Taranovich

September 20, 2019

After the death of her husband, math teacher Anita Curtis has taken some time off to grieve. In the meantime, her students took it into their own hands to lift her spirits.  “Mrs. Curtis is my favorite teacher and her husband has been i...

Makeup’s a form of self-expression

Emma Baxter

September 20, 2019

Makeup can be seen as a form of self-expression, especially while teenagers are figuring themselves out. Your makeup is unique to who you are – whether it's eyeshadow with crazy colors or just mascara and a little bit of c...

2019 fall homecoming activities and spirit week schedule

Jay Warrick

September 20, 2019

Homecoming is just a week away and everyone is making their preparations. Below are flyers detailing the main events of homecoming and the spirit week schedule. Both flyers are provided by student council. Homecoming parade, ga...

K-9 units to search at DHS

Mya Studyvin

September 20, 2019

Beginning later this year, K-9 units will conduct drug and vape exercises at Derby schools. “This isn’t anything new — it’s just new to Derby. Many surrounding schools do this, so we’re just kind of just getting in l...

Panthers eager for football home opener

Blake Chadwick

September 20, 2019

The Panthers kick off 2019 home opener at 7 tonight against the Newton Railers (1-1) The Panthers come into the game 2-0 after dominant wins against Salina Central, who they beat 49-0 and Garden City, who they beat 48-19.  ...

Thursday’s a busy day of sports

Kiley Hale

September 19, 2019

If you feel like going to watch your favorite Derby sports team play today, you have plenty of options. Varsity and JV soccer are playing at the high school turf field today due to the middle school Unity football game happenin...

A taste of choice: are school lunches actually healthy?

Klaudia Manis

September 17, 2019

Between passing periods, you check the menu to see what’s for lunch. The sound of nachos or chili may sound good.  And then you see what’s in front of you. That school lunch sure doesn’t look appealing. “I hate ...

Heelys banned inside DHS

Jackson Davis

September 16, 2019

Principal Tim Hamblin announced a widespread ban on the shoe known as Heelys on Sept. 4. Created in the year 2000, Heelys were so popular that the first store to carry them sold out in only a few days.  Now, 19 years la...

2019 Homecoming candidates announced

Kiley Hale

September 14, 2019

Queen Candidates Kylann Antal Angela Cortes Kinley Fager Abbie Grosso Bayley Johnson King Candidates Dan Archer Jacob Karsak Alex Le Jarod Noel Kevin Washington ...

Parcell: First in a series of stories on influential African-Americans

Jordan Parcell

September 11, 2019

I, among other students, have noticed a lack in teaching of African-American history, unless we’re talking about slavery or the civil rights movement, in which case it’s impossible not to talk about African-American history....

Semifinal List of Homecoming Candidates

Chloe Brown

September 11, 2019

Preliminary nominations for homecoming candidates took place last week. In this round of semifinal nominations, seniors can vote to select five seniors for homecoming queen and five seniors for king. The voting will end Thursday...