DHS Opinions on Donda

Kyle DeVault

Donda is the Kanye West album that was just released. A lot of people are loving the new 27-track album, but many don’t see what all the hype is about. 

I asked a few students around school what their opinion is on the hot new album.

One student, senior Liam Dixon, thinks the album is outstanding. 

“Donda is a great album. It takes all the great elements of “The Life of Pablo” and “Jesus is King” (Kanye’s previous albums) into something totally different from Kanye. There’s a good balance of really intense tracks like “Off the Grid” and “Praise God” and there are more melodic songs like “Moon” and “Come to Life”. It’s definitely a top 3 Kanye album,” Dixon said.

However, junior Hayden Winters has a far different opinion on the album.

“Donda is just a great example of something getting way too overhyped. Like the album is OK, but it sounded thrown together and like it needed more time to be made,” Winters said.

Junior Wyatt Clark also thinks the album is good.

“It’s great, good production, great writing, has emotional songs and it also has really good upbeat songs. It’s just a really good, well-rounded album,” Clark said.