How stressed are you for finals this term?

Kyle DeVault

A: “Not very stressed at all, honestly. A ll of my classes are pretty easy, so it should be a laid back couple of days,” junior Isaac Hadley said.

A: “Today my finals were pretty hard and stressful, but my finals tomorrow will be pretty easy I think,” junior Hayden Winters said.

A: “Yes, I’m very stressed for finals this year. With the new schedule, it feels like I have more content to know in a shorter amount of time. Plus, now that I have a job, it gives me less time to study,” senior Monica Whalen said.

A: “Not really. This year I knew exactly what to expect. Go to class, get my review, study and then test,” senior Gavyn Abshire said.

A: “No, the classes I have this term are band, AP government, weight training and Spanish 4. I have 100% in each class,” senior Cassie Vargas said.

A: “I only have two finals this term, so it’s not very stressful for me,” junior Kylee Cotten said.

A:  “I’m pretty stressed because I haven’t been here for a while and I haven’t studied yet,” freshman Roslyn Schovan said.

A: “Not really stressed. Kind of a little bit stressful, but it doesn’t really affect anything,” junior Eli Spears said.