Players celebrate close Maize vs. Derby win

Alyssa Lai

On Friday night’s Maize vs. Derby game, Derby won 42-41. In one of their closest games yet, players reveled in the win.

“Through the whole game I never really had any doubts, I knew we were going to do what we do and come out with a victory,” senior Conley Hamblin said.

In last year’s Maize vs. Derby game, Maize won 36-35.

“I knew we were going to win the whole time. It was our revenge game, so we needed to win,” senior Mercer Thatcher said.

Senior Jameer Clemons knew there was a player who stood out in this exciting game.

“My boy, Dylan Edwards. You see him out there, he go crazy. He’s the highlight of every game,” Clemons said.