Old Settlers (Story by Laurisa Rooney)

Laurisa Rooney, Photo Editor

       Old Settlers is a Mulvane tradition that has been ongoing for 149 years. This ongoing celebration dates all the way back to 1873, and takes place on the third weekend in August at the Mulvane Main Street every year. 

This celebration has many eye-catching traditions that are relative to state fairs. People can’t help but wait in those agonizing lines for what seems like forever for those rides. The feeling of excitement and fear all at once during the fast rides. And can’t forget the car shows that some people relish in watching. 

“I really looked forward to the car show that they have because I really enjoy going to them and I love seeing them. My favorite car that they had there was the A ‘55 Chevy Bel Air,” junior Donald Keith said. 

Many have been to Old Settlers before, but for some this is their first time going. 

“I would say for the first time being there it was enjoyable. I saw a lot of familiar faces, so I felt comfortable. Going with my friends made it more fun though. The rides with my friends were also really fun,” senior Samantha Stolt said. 

The food trucks are popular, with food ranging from the classic funnel cakes to the ginormous turkey leg. 

“I would recommend any of the Chinese food trucks. My favorite thing was sharing a funnel cake and having snow cones,” Stolt said. 

Tent vendors are all throughout Rockwood Park playground, where people shopped from a variety of small businesses. 

“If you don’t like rides, walking around and looking at all the tent vendors is always super fun,” Stolt said.