Video: What You Wish Knew Before High School

Brett Jones, Video Editor

February 6, 2019   Fun interviews with DHS students over what they wish they knew before high school.

Photo of the day by junior Ladell Clemons

October 30, 2018

This photo of senior Kellen Hedrick was taken by junior Ladell Clemons as part of a Digital Photography lesson on shutter speed. ...

Q&A with Spanish teacher Analia Carter

Emma Kleinschmidt

October 12, 2018

Q: How do you like being a teacher at the same school as two of your kids? A: “I feel like working at the school and having children at the school is really good because you get to know a lot of the kids, you get to know y...

Gabbert and Moore: Twins?

September 7, 2018


Journalism student of the day: Kaitlyn Sanders

May 17, 2018

One day after the final for senior Kaitlyn Sanders’ yearbook class, she produced two online stories. She wrote a spring sports recap and a feature on senior swimmer/track athlete Megan Keil. See, Sanders has a passion ...

Journalism student of the day: Taelyn Huntley

May 17, 2018

Freshman Taelyn Huntley joined yearbook at semester. While her time has been brief, she showed so much improvement from her first story to her final story. Huntley showed a willingness to improve and learn -- and then she went to put ...

Journalism student of the day: Kaytlin Hilton

May 16, 2018

Senior Kaytlin Hilton stepped into her role as an editor in a big way. She took her design to the next level and created a cover for the 2018 yearbook that will stand the test of time. Hilton has helped lead the yearbook class as...

Journalism student of the day: Devon DuBree

May 16, 2018

Senior Devon DuBree has utilized his photography talents from the moment he joined yearbook second semester. Already an established photographer, he became a favorite of writers and designers because of his willingness to go ...

Journalism student of the day: Tanner Hopkins

May 15, 2018

The goal in the journalism department is to have talented people who buy into the goal of producing a phenomenal yearbook and newspaper. Senior Tanner Hopkins was the direct result of an attempt to recruit one of the ...

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