Marching band’s thoughts on morning practice


Abigail Kuhn, Copy Editor

With the advent of block scheduling, many marching band members fear that they have too little time to complete their routines. Previously, the band had been practicing during zero hour as well as first block every day, but new schedules only allow them first block on green days as well as zero hour. This has resulted in less practice time for the band and some members worry about not being able to get work done. “I feel like we are having a harder time getting things done. There’s just this heightened sense of stress since there’s less time and there’s other things we have to work on so we don’t get as much time on the field and so everything is just rushed.” junior Ariauna Stewart said.

 Many band members preferred term scheduling for band, like senior Kylee Cotten. “Honestly, I wish we had first block band every day because last year I remember when we had the same schedule every day for a whole term or a whole semester and it was a lot easier to get work done.” Cotten said. Others like block scheduling because it leaves more time for other classes. “I personally am glad for block scheduling this year because last year we had to take two bands in order to have band every single day all year for 84 minutes plus zero hour and this year it works out better because I can take other classes and band.” said junior Danielle Turner.