Band prepares for first competition


Abigail Kuhn

With one week left before their first competition of the season, marching band gathered on the morning of September 24 to finish learning their show, “What Lies Beneath”, and perfect their routine. “We finished putting movement four on the field during band day,” junior Abigail Jewett said. “Since we got on it a little late, it definitely has room for improvement which is what this week will be for.” The four hour morning practice, called band day, was intended to give the band the time they needed to properly complete their show. “Today’s main goal was to get closer to being finished with learning our show by next weekend for our first competition. We are going to spend more time working, we’re going to work all the way until the end of October,” band staff Victoria Griffitt said. 

The first competition, held on October 1 at Goddard High School, begins the marching band season that will extend through fall. “I feel like we’re a bit more prepared and confident going into the competition season than last,” Jewett said. “I think we have a really good chance of winning on Saturday.” Despite the challenges of marching season, morale has been high in the band. “There’s a great spirit in the band. The thing is they’re willing to keep going. Everybody just keeps working on the process of getting better,” band staff Gray Bishop said. “We have an authentic hype, we’re excited, it’s a great group. Everybody kind of buys in and wants to be here,” Griffitt said. Hopes are high for the first competition, opening the rest of the season with the new show. “Last year was good for us, but I think this year will be even better,” Jewett said.