Page 4: No need for nuclear weapons

Clearly putting men in power has done nothing but prove they are emotional and go on huge ego trips. 

From war threats to wiping out almost entire countries.

In August 1945, Japan lost an estimated  200,000 people to the first atomic bomb used in warfare.  

So why give them access to nuclear bombs? 

Recently, Vladimir Putin, the Russian dictator, threatened to use the missiles on countries who tried to interfere with his unfair attacks on Ukraine. 

Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean dictator, is now making threats towards the world. 

He recently dispatched North Korean war planes to the South Korean border.

He has also been supervising nuclear missile testing. 

At the end of the day nuclear bombs do nothing but harm civilians peace.  

There’s no reason one country should have over 1,000 nuclear weapons in their possession. Russia has an estimated 5,997 bombs.

The United States has 5,248.  


There’s only 195 countries in the world.. 

So what could possibly be the desire for that many world-ending rockets?