What is feminism to you? (Story by Lilith Rourke)

Lilith Rourke, Illustration Editor

Women have had power struggles for a long time. From getting the right to vote in 1919, to breaking stereotypes about making sandwiches, they have had to fight in order to be seen as equals. 

“Every woman is different in their own way and their choices don’t affect you, so just let them be and do what they need,” sophomore Nevaeh Hernandez said. 

The feminist movement started in 1848, at the Seneca Falls Convention. Though women have fought for nearly 200 years, they are still seen as inferior. 

“Women can do more than what people say,” sophomore Maribel Peña Olibas said.

“I want to work on construction with my dad, and that’s something that many women don’t get hired for because they’re women..” 

According to pewresearch.org, 42% of women have experienced some form of discrimination due to their gender. 

“My dad didn’t want to take me because I was a woman and he said I wouldn’t be strong enough like my brother. But yet I proved him wrong and I worked with him on site,” Olibas said.