Brown vs Chadwick: The problematic pumpkin

Aubrey Nguyen, Content Editor

The annual Student Council pumpkin contest is here, which means homerooms are viciously fighting to get votes for their pumpkins. In 2021, there was a special rivalry between science teacher Dylan Brown’s and journalism teacher Joanna Chadwick’s homeroom classes that has affected this year’s competition.

“As you may remember, last year, my homeroom’s Oscar the Grouch was robbed by Pickle Rick painted on a pumpkin — as if that even should’ve counted,” Brown said. “Oscar is back because he is angry.”

Both Chadwick and Brown made the finals in the 2021 pumpkin contest. The K-11 homeroom reportedly made several accounts intended for voting for Pickle Rick. For the 2022 contest, Chadwick’s class took a different route and put their Pennywise pumpkin in the scary category.  

“So this year, my homeroom decided to get revenge on Pickle Rick for unjustly beating us in the pumpkin contest last year. There is a tiny Pickle Rick painted similarly to Chadwick’s pumpkin (from) last year that has been injured grievously,” Brown said.

Chadwick simply shrugged at the vitriol from Brown.

“Hey, we teach marketing in journalism,” Chadwick said. “This is a homeroom filled with leaders whose goals are firmly set on success in everything they do. And honestly, when pizza is on the line, journalism students will do whatever it takes to get it.”

Brown admitted that Chadwick’s class won the marketing battle in 2021.

“One of the things we discussed was that last year Chadwick’s homeroom did a little better job at advertising,” Brown said. “So this year, they are definitely trying to get more people involved in the voting.”

Disclaimer: This is a funny story, rife with satire. Hope you enjoyed the imaginary battle between Brown and Chadwick.