Teacher Emily Williams under investigation

Zara Thomas

On Oct. 25, State Representative candidate Misti Hobbs (D-Kan) spoke to Derby High’s Civics club.

Hobbs later posted a photo with Emily Williams, sponsor of Civic’s club, holding a campaign sign on the Vote Misti Hobbs Facebook page, according to the Derby Informer.

This has raised questions about a violation of election policy on Williams’ part.

Kansas Statute 25-4169a states that public employees are prohibited from using government time, money or resources to advocate for a specific candidate for state or local office.

The Derby school district also has a similar policy regarding political activity in schools. 

Williams contacted Hobbs’ opponent for the District 82 seat, Leah Howell (R-Kan) on Nov. 1 to invite her to come speak to the Civics club.

There is an ongoing investigation pending on Williams pending an emergency school board meeting on Nov. 2.

Civics club plans to have a walkout, organized by junior Gillian Noffert, in support of Williams.

“We need to act to save Williams’ career, but we must act swiftly,” Noffert wrote in a text to the Civics club.