The new club that kickflipped into derby

Lilith Rourke

A new club has formed and its subject is Tech Decks. Janitor Joey has taken another club under his wing – this time, for students to appreciate the craft of fingerboarding.

Surging in popularity in the late 1990’s, Tech Decks are miniature skateboards that are used to do tricks on the go with your fingers. 

“We like to practice with Tech Decks,” sophomore Churro King said. “We usually set a goal and then we try to fulfill that goal as fast as we can. My current goal is to hit a fat Ollie.”

The club is hosted in the Panther Learning Center every Wednesday from 3:10 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

“I made it because Tech Decks are really, really, really cool… and it’s a great exercise for your fingers,” King said. 

From ollies to kickflips, the members of the fingerboard club attempt them all. 

“Y’all should join tech deck club, it’s cool and we hang out, listen to music and tech deck,” sophomore Maya Reyes said.