Do you think concession stands are overpriced? (Story by Laurisa Rooney)

Laurisa Rooney

Going to football games and getting the concession stand food is an essential to some people, but is it really worth the money people spend on it? 

Senior Lauren Boothe thinks there is a wide selection of snacks and food to choose from that she enjoys eating while watching the games. 

“I think the prices are affordable for high school students and for anybody in general,” Boothe said. “A lot of the times when you go to concession stands they’re kind of expensive, but the pricing is pretty reasonable and there is a lot to choose from. My favorite thing to get are the chicken sandwiches.”

The hamburgers and hotdogs have been a big hit at the concession stands, but sophomore Danton Pore thinks there could be some improvements. 

“I think there could be more quality in the meat and buns. There would be more flavor to them,” Pore said. 

While some students are comfortable with the prices, some feel it to be agonizing.

“I definitely think it is overpriced, because for two waters it’s almost five dollars. That’s a little ridiculous in my opinion,” sophomore Mallory Baker said.