Incorrect clocks confuse students and staff

Joselyn Steele

Is it actually 3:10? Time to leave? 

Nope, still an hour left. 

Yep, The clocks are still an hour ahead.

For more than two weeks, students and teachers have been confused by the hour-ahead classroom clocks. When Daylight Saving Time hit, many clocks didn’t change.

The clocks were supposed to change back based on the master clock in the main office on Nov. 6.

“We came in that Monday morning,” Kelly Watkins said, the secretary to principal Tim Hamblin. “I fixed the time on this one. So then (at) noon, it should have reset all the other clocks in the school, but it didn’t.” 

Some teachers have manually changed their clocks, but others are a full hour ahead. The confusion is starting to impact students. 

“It messes up my perception of what it is the whole time,” junior Mackenzie Tanner said.

Teacher Jeff Frazee’s clock was initially an hour ahead, but it has continued to worsen and is now an hour, 13 minutes ahead.