Tracee Snyder key to choir

Alexis King

Tracee Snyder’s job as the pianist at choir concerts usually results in applause. 


The singers know just how important she is, as does choir director Tyler Morris. 


He has built a strong bond with Snyder over the years, and they work well together. 


“She usually has my back and I have her back,” Morris said.


The students have noticed.


“I do think Morris and Snyder work really well together,” sophomore Alaina Broomhead said.


Snyder, who has been a pillar of the choir for the past six years, also has good relationships with many of her students.


“She treats people with respect, unless they don’t give her the respect that she deserves,” freshman Faith Kick said. 


Snyder learns and memorizes songs for each concert every year and then helps students with the music.


“She’s really easy to work with,” Kick said. “But she cares about the students, and I think that’s important.”


Snyder is a friendly face and a helping hand for the students she works with.


“I would say she works well with other students around her,” Broomhead said. “She’s someone to go to talk to when you need help with something.”