Page 4: It’s time to cancel Valentine’s Day

Arabella Hounschell

Valentine’s Day needs to be canceled.

I believe Valentine’s day is a waste of money and time with a lot of negative effects. 

Valentine’s day is a stressful holiday whether you have a valentine or not.

If you have a valentine there is the stress of money and planning. 

Americans will spend $175.41 on average this year on the holiday, according to an annual survey from the National Retail Federation.

Valentine’s Day is a depressing holiday for people who feel alone and left out, especially since half of all Americans are single, according to .

I think the holiday isn’t fair to the men, either.

 According to the National Retail Federation, men on average spend double the amount women do every year on gifts, with an average of $108.38 spent compared to women spending $49.41.

The holiday also encourages comparison and jealousy which could be harmful to a relationship and your mental health.

I find it concerning that people need a designated holiday to show that they love someone.

You should show love to people consistently rather it’s big or small, you shouldn’t have to have a holiday to give you a reason to show love. 

No matter who you are, Valentine’s is a pointless, stressful holiday that promotes superficial love and that needs to be stopped.