Bright start for girls swim

Joselyn Steele, Design Editor

The girls swim season began with practices starting early in the morning for returners and after school for the new learners. Many girls have been preparing for the season through swimming whenever they can.

“I have been swimming daily, training with the club swim team Storm and also lifting for about two hours a day,” senior Mia Starnes said.

Starnes, also known by the team as “Sunshine,” has set her goal this season to be on the bright side.

“I think a positive attitude is contagious and will bring the team together,” Starnes said.

She hasn’t only been working hard physically but has made it her goal to be a role model. She attends both practices to practice in the morning and help teach new swimmers after school.

“I’m very confident in this season,” she said. “But not just from an athletic perspective but from a teammate perspective as well. I love my team and I really appreciate their constant drive and motivation.

“My goals are to not only make state, but to just make the most of this season and have fun. I hope that attitude reflects onto everyone and they enjoy it, too.”