Email Fiasco


Bella Walker

Many students at DHS heard their phones buzzing over and over again on their desks. They opened their devices to find many annoying emails from a random Derby student. 

These emails were sent to all of the Derby district students on March 2, starting at 10:21 a.m. Within a matter of minutes, the email had several replies of memes, disturbing photos, links and – one student even expressed their love for Taylor Swift.

“I thought that it was really annoying because my phone kept buzzing,” freshman Lexi Schott said. 

Four of the five students said they found this email chain to be annoying and disruptive. Students were consistently interrupted from their classwork and confused about what was going on.

A few students decided to send links and images from their school emails that were far from school appropriate and even illegal. 

“I saw pictures that some kid from the high school sent and it was pretty disturbing,” freshman Sherro Pennington said.

Many students chose not to open the emails out of fear of seeing nudes or getting a virus and just waited for the problem to dissolve.

“I chose not to open the email because I saw it on my phone first and I didn’t want my phone to get a virus,” sophomore Cadence Erbert said. 

Others believe that there were some funny parts to the entire fiasco.

“There were some funny things on there, but inappropriate,” freshman Alex Denesongkham said. 

For some, the memes made them laugh and they thought that it was funny to reply with the most random of things.

“I was a part of it,” freshman Jonathan Fernandez said. “I added fuel to the fire by sending silly pictures.”

Principal Tim Hamblin tried calling Dennis Elledge, the director of Technology, but he was in Florida along with the second in charge. Hamblin then made an announcement that the administration had the situation under control. 

“What I understand is that they have sensed and/or are in the process of going through every group that they have created to make sure whatever was enabled is not enabled in all of those groups, so it can’t happen again,” Hamblin said. 

Elledge sent several emails as technology worked to fix the issue.

 “Please do not reply to the emails that have been going around,” Elledge said. 

The emails were deleted from all of the student’s emails throughout that same day and are now all gone. 

The constant annoying buzzing from cellphones was finally gone, along with the pictures, dad jokes and love confessions.