Principal Tim Hamblin announces resignation

Nik Shay, Design Team

Principal Tim Hamblin announced tonight that he is leaving DHS following the school year. 

Hamblin, in his 13th year as DHS principal, will be Executive Director of College and Career, Readiness for Wichita Public Schools. 

“Originally my plan was to do so at the conclusion of the 2025 school year, but recently I made the decision to adjust that time feeling it is more responsible for my family that I am proactive now rather than reactive in 2025,” Hamblin wrote in an email to staff and students.  

Hamblin made an impact. 

“He’s the most inclusive and understanding authoritative figure at our school,“ junior Mattie Rhea said. “When he leaves, things are going to get worse for outcasts at our school.”

Even for a senior, it’s a heartfelt goodbye. 

“I’m pretty surprised,” senior Vryah Morgan said. “I expected him to be the DHS principal for at least another 10-ish years. It’s sad he’s leaving.

“Hamblin is a great principal, but I’m glad he’s taking advantage of this new opportunity.”

Senior Lexi Mullen agreed.

“I was definitely a little shocked and we’ll all be sad to see him go but he’s been a wonderful principal and I wish him the best in his future endeavors. It’s hard to imagine Derby without him,” she said. 

As for Hamblin, he is grateful for his nearly 30 years at his alma mater — and everything Derby Public Schools has offered him.

“The memories and relationships I formed and the influences on my life from this experience are too numerous to express,” he wrote in an email. “All of my youth and most of my adult life have been associated with Derby Public Schools and Derby High School.  I am forever grateful to those that have presented opportunities for me and supported me during my life here.”