Page 1 – More than life changed with Covid-19: During freshman and sophomore year, personalities and lives changed

Nik Shay, Design Team

Issue 6 Page 1

Covid-19 upended the end of our freshman year and our whole sophomore year. But many saw changes within themselves, leaving behind who they were. 

“I wasn’t taking care of myself freshman year,” senior Lynn Tran said. “I would always be late to class, wake up late to the point where I would literally skip washing my face.”

But she eventually changed. 

“I discovered skincare,” Tran said. “I’ve learned to put myself first… I improved myself a lot during that time and continue to do so even after.”

Senior Talia Ransom has seen major changes.

“I have matured a lot since freshman year, going through a lot of different friendships and situations really helped me grow as a person and my perspectives of others,” she said.

And now, as the 2022-2023 school year is about to wrap up, many seniors are reflecting. 

“I would tell my freshman self to not seek validation from others and to not let others disrespect and belittle you,” Ransom said. 

Tran added: “If there was something I could tell my freshman self it would be stop being musty and take care of yourself. You need to wash your face, brush your teeth and stop eating Hot Pockets in English.”