Asher: Imagining the future without a yearbook

How will your kids know you were cool?

Promise Asher

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The year is 2037.

Flying cars soar above houses run completely off solar energy. Robot butlers take orders from homeowners, dogs can talk and full meals have been condensed into bite-size tablets.

All you could ever imagine is now around you. Life is innovative and there isn’t anything that cannot be accomplished.

Well, except for convincing your kids that you were cool in high school. Time travel has yet to be conquered.

If only you had a yearbook.

For the small price of $50 dollars you will have archaic evidence that you rocked Birkenstocks like it was 1970, you owned the Thrasher hoodies and you always had a Kavu slung over your shoulders.

Don’t let this moment become a forgotten memory.

Buy your yearbook today in the finance office today or online at Yearbook Forever


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Asher: Imagining the future without a yearbook