Asher: Please, please learn how to drive

Promise Asher

OK, I’m going to say it.

Derby is home to many different people obtaining a variety of skillsets, talents and abilities.

Sadly, however, driving is not one of them.

What is such a simple concept has been turned into a labyrinth of complication this year.

I understand that Madison Avenue construction has led to some difficulties, but it is not that hard, people.

Following are some basic rules of thumb to keep from becoming the most hated person in the parking lot.

For starters, we all have places to be, going 40 mph in attempt to cut everyone off in the exit is not cool — like, at all.

Parking itself seems to be a monstrosity — cars over the line, cars crooked. This results in causing accidents while trying to pull out of a spot.

Stop whipping out in front of people, be polite. Common courtesy goes a long way when it comes to making it out of the parking lot in a timely manner.

And a quick shoutout to the underclassmen who are definitely not supposed to have friends in the car. You aren’t slick. We all see you hitting people’s cars and driving off.

So this is my plea to all the other students: Please learn how to drive.