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Page 4 – Stanley taking the tumbler world: Stanley freezes the competition, beverages

For about two years from 2019-2020, it was the era of Hydro Flasks, scrunchies and VSCO. The era was short-lived and soon after Hydro Flasks were replaced by the Stanley.  

Stanleys are a lightweight water bottle that have a unique shape and keep beverages cold for up to 18 hours.

“I like my Stanley because it keeps my water cold way longer than the other thermal cups do,” sophomore Faith Kick said. 

Because of its shape, most students carry it from class to class. Carrying Stanley cups have helped people stay hydrated throughout the day as they’re reminded to consume more water.

“It helps you drink more water because you have to hold it and you can’t put it in your backpack and forget about it,” sophomore Carly Berglind said. 

There’s also the inconvenience of it – oftentimes students forget their Stanley in class because they don’t fit in their backpacks.

“I mean, it’s kind of annoying how it doesn’t fit in a lot of cup holders or my backpack but it’s worth it,” sophomore Ashlyn Zerger said.

Although there are many pros to owning one, it’s awkward to carry.

“Size-wise yes, but that’s because I have a 40 ounce, but if you get one of the smaller ones, it’s not,” Kick said. 

Stanley cups are costly. A 30-ounce cup starts at around $40. With different bottles trending, it can be difficult to constantly afford the latest bottle.

“It’s kind of stupid. Why get an expensive water bottle when you can go to Walmart and get one that works just as well,” sophomore Gabrielle Wardlow said. 

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