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Page 5 opinions – Bell music could be so much better

The music they play on the intercom is really weird.

Some of the songs that they play make me feel like I’m in elementary school all over again. A lot of people feel the same way.

It didn’t help when they played Snoop Dogg’s Affirmation Song twice in the first nine weeks. It was slightly funny the first time but after hearing it every passing period it gets old — hearing it all over again for a second day was even worse. 

I think they need to play Bruno Mars or something other than what they are playing now. If they played more modern music it would help ease the complaints. 

The music during the first quarter was basically children’s music but with bass and it makes it seem “cooler” or up-to-date. 

“Lately it’s gotten better,” teacher Kenneth Linn said. “I think they have chosen some more contemporary adult music…. Nothing specific, there is so much cool music out there, we could get stuff from multiple different genres, different eras, and different decades.”

The music has been getting better, though, in my opinion. Although, it has been really loud in the mornings.

It is so loud that I can barely hear someone right next to me talking, or if I have my Airpods in, I can’t hear what I’m listening to because of how loud the music is.

I think it would be OK if they just turned it down and kept playing the music that they have been playing. 

I am glad that they also don’t repeat a lot of the songs like they used to do.

The music they play now makes me feel more my age, whereas the music they played before made me feel more like a kid than anything.

But I still think they could definitely play better music. 

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