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Page 5 opinions – No doubt about it, Thanksgiving’s the best

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days when it comes to shoving food in my face. 

The smell of Thanksgiving food, family and friends coming together, and again the food. 

As much as I love my green bean casserole with the cruncy crispy onions to top it off… thanksgivging is more then just the food to me. 

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I feel it’s important to be grateful for what you have. When it comes to holidays not everyone is gonna be able to experience or even enjoy what I get to have.

I love seeing my grandparents and cousins that I haven’t seen for a while because they live far I love the laughter that fills the house and my little baby cousins being loud, football playing in the back on the tv and of course The amazing food that fills my stomach to the point where I feel like I’m gonna exsplode. 

I feel like Thanksgiving is such a humbling holiday. When it comes to me not really understanding what all to be grateful for until it’s in front of you. 

A dish my family makes a lot this time of the year during Thanksgiving is Arroz con Gandul e y pernil, which is yellow rice with peas and the perfectly seasoned cooked pork. 

This meal just makes me drool.

 The smell of it freshmade, the seasoning and the rice mixed with the veggies just really brings it all together. I love that everyone enjoys this meal all together. It makes it absolutely astonishing. 

We also add other food like veggies with the rice like peppers, onion, tomatoes, jalapeños . When it comes to the desert to finally play its role and topping it all off my moms pumpkin pie plays a big part. One thing I stand by is using at least half a tub of whipped cream, in my opinion that’s the only way to eat pumpkin pie. 

Thanksgiving is important because I get to catch up and talk with family about what’s new in life. When you don’t always have your family close by cause they live out of state, its hard to really talk about what’s been going on, the on time of the year where we are all in the same place is thanksgiving. 

When I was younger I would just want to get Thanksgiving over with so I can hurry up and get to Christmas, but as I got older I realized the meaning behind Thanksgiving.

I always thought the little what-are-you-grateful-for activities I did growing up were stupid, but as I got older, I realized it’s not. I am truly grateful for the way I get to spend my Thanksgiving and being able to enjoy amazing cooked meals and getting the chance to just have family around. 

I love and truly enjoy Thanksgiving and the best part is, I don’t just have one. I have two, due to the separation of my parents. Now, being lucky enough to enjoy two makes me even more thankful for this time of the year. 

Each Thanksgiving I always take a moment and look around and take in everything. And then it settles in even more that this is my favorite holiday and time of the year. 

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