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Page 3 – Tatted: Students, staff share their ink

How many teens have you seen with tattoos?

Teenagers with tattoos are common in today’s society. 

“I was just inspired to get a tattoo in the first place because I really loved my parents and other family members’ tattoos,” senior Lakyn Becker said.

During the 1980s in America, tattoos were considered to be taboo or socially unacceptable. 

“Tattoos at a young age don’t label you as anything,” senior Whisper Shirley said. “And you should always have a meaning behind what you’re putting on your body for forever.”

Photography teacher Craig Godderz agreed.

“I think logically you shouldn’t get a tattoo until you’re 21, and you should think through what you want to get because you are stuck with it for life.”

Godderz went through the process of getting one of his tattoos removed. 

“I had a tattoo lasered off, so I know what’s that about, so you don’t want to go through that pain,” Godderz said. “Because the pain of the tattoo is nothing compared to the pain of the laser to get rid of a mistake.”

English teacher Heather Leggett believes that it is important for students who are not yet adults to have a conversation with their families before getting a tattoo.

“I just think they need to have that discussion with their family and then really think about why they are getting the tattoo that they are choosing to get. And if it has a personal meaning, if it’s something they are still going to be proud of to display on their body ten, twenty, thirty, forty years down the road when they are grandparents.”

So are students getting tattoos for the sake of having one, self-expression, or do they have a sentimental value?

“I just want other people to know that tattoos are such a beautiful way to show who we are and what has happened to us,” Becker said. “I think it’s one of the best ways to express yourself.”

Shirley agrees.

“And yolo, I mean, if it’s a way you can express yourself and it makes you happy, do it.”

Though tattoos may be a creative way to express yourself, you have to take care of them.

“My old tattoo artist was really big on exfoliating skin, especially when you have tattoos. She said it’s like looking through dirty glass,” Godderz said. “Because if you exfoliate your skin, the ink actually comes out bolder.”

From exfoliating your skin to learning what ink colors work well on your body, all are very important aspects of having or wanting tattoos that you would not regret having in the future.

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