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Page 1 – Homeroom rules change

Did you notice the flooded hallways during homeroom last semester? Or maybe the lack of people in your homeroom?

During homeroom on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays students are given travel days where they are allowed to go check-in to different homerooms using the positive attendance keypads to get help on schoolwork. 

At the start of the second semester, administration made a change.

Now it must be pre-planned.

The old process turned into an issue when students were signing into different homerooms to be counted as present, but not being in the right place.

In order to go to a different homeroom on travel days it must now be pre arranged with that teacher, and they must give you a pass, or send an email to your homeroom teacher.

“We want to make sure everybody’s in the right place,“ freshman principal Shawn Bennet said, “We also want to make sure it’s being used for academic time, and not just going to hang out with friends or going down to the gym to play basketball.” 

The change has been obvious with filled homerooms and cleared hallways.

It is not only an issue of not being where you’re supposed to be, but overall safety of having each student accounted for.

“If we ever had an emergency and students are just in the hallways they can be at risk of getting lost, or at risk of being hurt,” SRO Nicholas Hale said, “It’s not just safety of if there was a crazy emergency, it’s just everyday safety of things going on that should not be going on.”

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