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Page 3 – Capturing the love: Valentine’s Day about more than romance

Because today is Valentine’s Day, many people are focused on love. But it’s a day of love for all, not just for a significant other or family member.

“One person that I can say without a doubt I love is my best friend Chase Boyer,” freshman Joshua Guzman said. “We have so many memories and difficult times we have been through together.”

Through tough times, Guzman knew he was never alone. He had Boyer.

“Chase is special to me because he has been there for me when no one was and has helped me more than anyone ever has.” Guzman said.

Today junior Violet Bogle will celebrate her stepdad.

“I love my stepdad,” Bogle said. “He may not be my biological father, but he’s always been there for me through absolutely everything.

“The thing that’s special about him is how he makes me feel so loved no matter what.” 

But love doesn’t have to only be directed at another person.

“I love my dog, Leo,” senior Skyla Judkins said. “He shows me what unconditional love is and that I can trust him to not leave.”

Zane McHugh has a passion for teaching art.

“I love teaching ceramics,” McHugh said. “I think it’s fun to see what students make. I give them an idea or prompt and then just to see how absolutely wild the ideas run and the cool concepts they come up with.”

Sophomore Sydney Vaughn loves art.

“It’s a creative outlet for me,” she said. “It helps me destress and lets me do stuff with my hands; it helps me connect with my friends.”


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