Promise Asher column: Logan Paul, put down the camera

December 31 marked not only the end of 2017, but seemingly the end of popular YouTube star Logan Paul’s career.

Paul posted a video of a suicide victim’s body while visiting the Aokigahara forest in Japan — a place more commonly known as the Suicide Forest.

The forest itself is considered one of the most haunted natural landforms in the world due to a large amount of people who have ventured into the depths of the woods to commit suicide.

Though it is annually swept for bodies, inside the forest it is not unlikely to find the remains of someone who made this tragic decision.

Paul, while vlogging his journey through the forest with friends, came across the remains of an unidentified male who had recently committed suicide.

However, instead of turning the camera off and notifying forest officials, Paul recorded the body to upload to his channel.

“I’m so sorry about this, Logan. This was supposed to be a fun vlog,” the vlogger said.

Later in the video Paul laughed about the situation. It was an unemotional — and questionable — response for what is probably the worst thing someone could see.

The video was removed by Paul from his channel and a written apology was posted to Twitter. But those decisions only came after there was massive amounts of backlash from various social media platforms, as well as celebrities and fellow YouTubers.

My question for Paul is why?

Why would you venture to Japan and visit what is considered a sacred area for views?

Why would you film the victim’s body?

More importantly, during the editing process, why didn’t you realize this was such a terrible thing to post on your channel?

I am disgusted by the willingness of Paul to post this video.

Can’t he get views through other forms of content? Maybe ones that don’t exploit a victim?

This is my issue with social media now — everything is about the “next big thing” concept, and people like Paul, who vlog their day-to-day life, crave that next big thing, to get views, likes and subscriptions.

Seeing the backlash Paul has received, it would be best for Paul, YouTube and the YouTube audience to remove the channel entirely.

Sadly, this action has not been taken yet.

In Paul’s most recent tweet, he said he’s taking a break but plans to come back:

Taking time to reflect

no vlog for now

see you soon

It’s frustrating to me that Paul plans on returning. I hope that people stop watching his content, not only because of what he did, but because it is genuinely feeding into the attention that some vloggers live for when reaching a certain level of fame.

YouTube should also be held accountable for this.

Letting content like this last on the website until the video’s owner takes it down is unacceptable. YouTube should have immediately removed it.

In the midst of this terrible decision by Paul, I offer these words:

To YouTube, please fix your content rules so videos such as Paul’s aren’t able to pass the community guidelines.

To those who saw the video, I hope that you are able to suppress what was seen and realize Paul’s behavior was inhumane and morbid.

And to Paul, put down the camera.