Hilton: Passing bond issue shows community’s focus on education

Kaytlin Hilton

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The possibility of passing the school bond issue in February’s vote is being stressed in the Derby community is not only affecting taxpayers.

Teachers have had meetings to discuss the additions. Students are being placed in the middle of upcoming transitions.

Derby has endured much change over these last few years. With families continually moving and enrolling their children in Derby schools, there has been some overflow. Derby Hills holds 570 students currently. The average primary school size in the state of Kansas is at 276 students.

The closing of one school, Pleasantview, is deemed necessary as more construction issues are arising. However, another elementary school will begin construction, a quality choice to hand over tax dollars.

This town has focused on the family aspect for years with the building of multiple parks, entertainment services and a focus on education.

Derby education holds pride in the number of successful students excelling at AP tests and ACT tests.

Students and parents should be excited about the possibility of improvements and willing to do what it takes to support them.


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Hilton: Passing bond issue shows community’s focus on education