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Page 5 – Is it dating for fun? Or for love?

Dating in high school is difficult.

It’s complicated by the fact that everyone’s maturity is on different levels, the ability to communicate is lacking – or non-existent – and some are unsure if they even want to be in a relationship. 

So the question was posed to students about whether they want to date with marriage in mind or simply date to date

For sophomore Noah Coopman, he dates to marry.

“I feel like it’s easier to just find someone that fits more with who you are,” Coopman said.

Even though only according to 2% of high school sweethearts actually get married, senior Sydney Hanna and sophomore Patence Hoover also date with marriage in mind.

“I think it’s because of my religion and I’ve never seen anything good coming out of just dating to date,” Hanna said.

Hoover added: ”What’s the point if you don’t? You’ll be alone if you’re just dating to have fun, never knowing what the love of a true soulmate feels like.”

But there are some who just date to say they dated someone. 

“Dating to marry in high school is a far stretch,” said sophomore Tariq Lavin, who has been in a relationship for nearly a year.

According to drparas.medium, 34% of teenagers have commitment issues.

Hanna believes the reason for commitment issues is due to maturity.

“They are not fully mature,” she said.

Just like 35% of teens, Coopman and Hanna look for comfort in their relationships.

“I look for someone who is willing to comfort me and I comfort them or they just like specific things as long they are willing to change and so am I to fit any problems that are there.” Coopman said.

Hanna added: “I look for a reliable and committed partner who wants to grow with me and live life together.”

Lavin wants someone to care for him, and Hoover wants kindness and communication.

According to, typically, high school relationships last about a year for teenagers at the age of 17. For 16 year olds, they generally last about six months.

Coopman has been in his current relationship for six months. 

“I’ve been with my boyfriend for about six months,” Coopman said. “I don’t know if that is considered long. In high school it’s probably considered longer, but I haven’t really been in any besides (with) him.” 

Hanna is in a three-year relationship.

According to, 5% of teens think that high school relationships are not serious.

“You don’t know what your life has planned for you,” Hoover said.

Hanna added: “It kind of depends on the person and how fast they mature.” 

Coopman thinks that juniors and seniors have more serious relationships compared to freshman relationships.

“I believe juniors and seniors could get more serious but I feel like if you’re like a freshman, 13 (or) 14, I feel like that’s more difficult to say,” Coopman said.

Lavin thinks he is better in a relationship

“Relationships are my thing,” Lavin said. “They make me happy, I tend to feel happier and more active in life…. When I’m in a relationship, I have someone to talk to and express myself more than I’ve ever done or can with anyone.”

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