Dressing for the weather no easy feat in Kansas

Olivia Jones, Newspaper staff writer, designer

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As winter comes to a close, I am realizing that I never really had a spring wardrobe. One where all the clothes were bought only for spring in Kansas.

While our climate is moderate, it is just as much inconsistent. One day it could be warm enough for shorts — but the next feel like the north pole.

Since the weather in Kansas changes with the wind, I usually dress according to the temperature. So I don’t have a bin of clothes just for spring.

In the winter I am not going to walk out of my house in shorts and a T-shirt. In the summer it is too hot for sweaters and skinny jeans. In the winter I pretend that my summer clothes don’t exist, just to get rid of the temptation. So naturally in the summer my winter clothes are hidden under my bed until November.

When buying spring clothes, I keep in mind that something too thin can only be worn on hot days. Something too thick cannot be worn on warm days because I will get too hot.

To keep things organized, I keep thicker clothes on the left side of my closet, and warmer ones on the right. During spring time I mix winter and summer fashion to create my outfits.  As a result of this, I buy clothes that can be used in between summer and winter, so that I end up with clothing items for all three seasons.


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Dressing for the weather no easy feat in Kansas