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The Student News Site of Derby High School

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Page 2 – Summer is time for building job experience

Since the last day of school is May 23, that’s also when a lot of the students will start their summer jobs.

Summer jobs range from Rock River Rapids to baby-sitting, working in fast food, mowing lawns, even internships.

Senior Jesus Bey will be at Riverfront Stadium as a concessions stand manager. 

“It helps pass time getting through the long hot summer days.” Bey said.

He gets free tickets when he’s not working as a benefit. 

Junior Patrick Lawrence has an internship at Textron, but will also continue working as a cook at Village Inn.

“I enjoy working because I have spending and saving money, along with job experience.” Lawrence said. “I’m at Textron for a new experience and to possibly fund my college to become an engineer. I’m interning this summer in the manufacturing department, I don’t exactly know what I’ll be doing.”

Sophomore Morgan Thompson babysits but would like to do something else.

“(I would) work at latchkey because I love hanging out with little kids.” Thompson said.

Sophomore Gabrielle Wardlow’s main reason for working is money.

“Getting money so you can do things with your friends when you are free or treat yourself to something nice,” Wardlow said.  “I don’t really buy much because I save for when I go do things with friends, but when I do buy things it’s normally a drink or something here and there, something I want to treat myself to is probably just getting a bracelet making kit or getting my nails done.” 

Freshman Jaslene Perkins has similar reasons for working at Rock River Rapids. 

“You get to make friends and money.” Perkins said.

Lawrence is working for money for different reasons.

“I work to fund my expenses like car insurance, gas, phone bill, clothes, and spending money. I’m also saving up for a new car later this year.”

Thompson isn’t just in it for the money, but also other things.

“I get money, I get to do stuff other than laying in my bed and rotting, I get to hang out with the kid that I babysit and I get out of things.” Thompson said.

But the heat can be an issue in some cases.

“It’s hot in the summer so when I have yards to mow that I have to fit in around my work schedule it can be pretty difficult.” Lawrence said.

While working over the summer is good for the debit card, you miss out on hanging out with friends and family, and even playing outside, being able to do what you want and relaxing.

“(I miss) playing baseball,” Bey said. “I enjoy the entire aspect of baseball. Baseball is a difficult sport to get good at, not many people can hit 80 mph fastballs, so when someone does it’s impressive and enjoyable.”

“Being more free” is what Wardlow said she misses.

“I miss having days to relax at home, and more time to hangout and be a kid,” Lawrence said.

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