Fortnite’s a thrill

Carson Olmstead, Special to

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It was a nice spring day. All I had was a PS4, a TV, and myself. There were only two people left and my heart was pounding.

Let me take you back to the beginning. Every game of Fortnite starts with 100 people in the lobby. People die immediately and before you know it, there are only thirty people left.

I had only two kills when I looked over and saw that there were only two other people besides me left. I killed one of the players so there was only one more to go and my heart was racing.

“Carson, Fortnite is just a game, it’s not real life,” my mother, Angela Olmstead said.

I thought in the past that this game was dumb but once I got to this point in the game I was freaking out. I saw the other guy so I went and hid under his fort but then he found me. I turned around after he hit me and I pumped him and won the game.

It was the best moment of my life and I ended up getting another dub later that day. Most guys my age play this game and it is really fun but is also really stressful. Some girls say bad things about it because it is “stealing their boyfriends.” But maybe if they tried it they wouldn’t hate it and would get to hangout with their boyfriends and play.

“Your first win feels a lot like when you win the state championship, maybe even better,” Spencer Olmstead said.