Easter traditions vary across the country, world

Tyler Newbury, Yearbook staff designer

Easter Traditions

Many of us have Easter traditions from our childhoods. Whether it be dying real eggs or hunting for hidden plastic ones, these traditions hold a special spot in our memories.

However, there are some who celebrate many odd traditions that you may not have heard of.

In Louisiana there is a tradition known as egg knocking, which is a competition where competitors must tap their eggs together at their tips, and if your egg breaks, you must forfeit. The competition goes on until only one egg remains.

In Scotland (and some parts of the U.S. and U.K.) there is a game called egg rolling, which is a race in which children must push an egg through the grass with a wooden spoon. There is an annual easter egg roll on the White House lawn.

In Poland the traditional Easter breakfast is a white sausage and a Mazurek, which is a small, flat cake, usually decorated with Easter symbols.

In Cyprus and Germany it is common to light big fires in places like schools and churchyards. Often times this tradition turns into a competition to see who can light the biggest fire

In Germany Easter eggs are decorated then hung on branches of trees to make them Easter egg trees.